Not made of synthetic textiles

No polyester, no nylon, no petroleum-derived fibers. Only simple and beautiful textiles woven from fibers made by nature:
Hemp, jute and organic cotton.

Nature has already taken care of it. All the materials we need are out there, and they are stunning! All we have to do is apply them in a responsible manner.

Not made from crops loaded with pesticides

Hemp and jute are miracle plants that grow with virtually no pesticide or added water, just plain rain water does the trick. And when it comes to cotton (oh, beautiful cotton!), it's only organic.

We actually wish we could use hemp a lot more. But, unfortunately, it is not economically viable yet. Hemp is a miracle crop with which so much can be done. It heals the soil instead of killing it, it is anti-bacterial, and it is a very strong fiber. There is a lot of value to be unleashed from this and other similar crops (like flax), and they can certainly help us all in a path to a more sustainable way of living.

Not sewn in a sweatshop

Poor labour conditions and underpaid workers. Seems like talk from the 90's, but it's not. It's a harsh reality and we have to be mindful of how our consumption feeds it.
All of our products are made by ourselves and by seamstresses we work with closely, and who love what they do.

And, to be honest, we wouldn't change it for nothing. Making our bags here close to us allows us to be involved in the entire development process. This way we can flexibly make changes and improvements in very small production batches, as well as learn the ins and outs of each step. This all translates in higher quality products for our customers.

Not made far away

Made in Ontario: Ontario has a very diverse industry and supply chain, as well as skilled people to make it al happen. We couldn't ask for a better place to make our sustainable dream come true.
Made locally: retaining dollars in small local communities and distributing earnings away from financial centres.
Made ethically, made good: happy people make good products, simple as that.

Not made to be thrown away

Get used to reusing, cuz it's here to stay. Our bags are carefully designed so you don't and won't want to even consider single-use options again.
They’re made to last and once you start using them, single-use options just won't make sense anymore.

Getting groceries using a plastic bag, or even with a disposable paper bag, is one with. Now, getting groceries with a proper bag, with interior pockets and comfortable handles, is just a completely different experience.

That's why we make different bags for different purposes, so our customers actually prefer using sustainable bags, because they are just better to use!

Not made fast

We don't launch designs just to catch the enthusiasm over a passing fashion trend. We have our own design identity (practical, minimalist, natural) and produce only quantities to meet demand. No over production, no discarding stock like the fast fashion industry does.

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