Our Origin

Hi, I’m Dante, the founder of Rather Green, bag maker & designer, material sourcing agent, customer service rep, shipping & receiving, and the list goes on! Even though I wear all these hats, I do count on the amazing support from my wife Brittany. We’re very motivated and passionate about what we do because we created Rather Green to help people live more sustainably. Rather Green is the result of our life experiences and we’d love to tell you our story!
Business Owner
Rather Green was registered in mid 2019 with the mission of helping people live more sustainably, which also meant joining in the fight against plastic pollution and throw away culture. And despite being a month into the pandemic we launched our online shop on schedule in April 2020.

A multicultural pair

Ok so, you’re probably wondering, but where did it really begin? Brittany was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and I’m originally from Brazil. I was fortunate to grow up in close contact with the rainforest and the ocean with them being a part of my everyday routine (they were kind of like my next door neighbours). I grew up with a deep respect for them.

Around the World

In my late teens, I I had an opportunity to study in China and I would go on to spend the next ten years living and working in Asia, where I crossed paths with Brittany, my wife. Living in and traveling to some of the biggest cities in the world, we were able to witness first hand the human impact on the natural environment (air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, etc.) and how that influences human and environment well-being. 
We also had the opportunity to travel to what were once pristine biomes and ecosystems but are now being plagued with: deforestation (palm plantations for palm oil in Borneo), garbage, clean water and sanitation. We soon realized this was not just an isolated issue. 

Room for improvement

Protecting our environment whether locally or globally should be a priority but unfortunately it isn’t always this way. When we moved to Canada, we became committed to doing something to help people live more sustainably. We had high hopes and were excitedly researching where we would fit in on the fight for sustainability. If we’re being honest, we were quite shocked by how much work there is still to do, especially surrounding plastic pollution. We observed there’s a lot of room for improvement and education when it comes to the need for sustainability. We realized the vast majority of Canadians understand that the way they live is impactful to the environment, and we used to be more conscious of our footprint back in the day (just ask your grandparents, or great-grandparents). However, due to many reasons, including convenience, single-use items and multi-use items made of plastic, polyester and other harmful components, have become intrinsic to our modern lifestyle.

So here we are

And Rather Green was born. I decided to start a business that would help people put into practice the changes that they want to see in the world. A business that respects the pillars of sustainability (human wellbeing, social responsibility, economic development & environmental protection) and creates products for everyday use.
To learn more about our mission and what we do to achieve it, please take a look at Our Green Mission.