Our Green Mission

We are dedicated to helping people live more sustainably.

Living sustainably means living causing minimal harm to the natural environment while respecting one another. Products that are eco-friendly, but that are made by people working in poor conditions, are not sustainable products. These are only moving the problem away from the environmental side and putting it in the account of the human side. A sustainable product must consider both aspects and be designed from scratch with them in mind.

Rather… green!

The concept behind "Rather Green" is that we take steps towards sustainability that go beyond the direct benefits of the bags themselves.

  • Truly eco-friendly (no greenwashing here): Our bags are not plastic bags that substitute other plastic bags. They are bags made from natural fibers, which will eventually decompose and return to the natural environment and nourish new forms of life. We understand that a reusable plastic bag is a huge improvement when comparing with single-use plastic bags, but it's still a plastic bag. It's a bag that will eventually end up in a landfill or an ocean, polluting forever. The amount of time it is useful for is insignificant comparing to the amount of time it will exist in the environment.

  • Carbon offsetting: To offset our carbon footprint and to empower our customers to do even more good to the planet, we plant one tree in Brazil for every $50 in sales - learn more in "Tree Planting".

  • Green organization: We also take measures to make sure that sustainability runs throughout our entire organization, even on things that are visible from the outside. For example, all fabrics we purchase are used 100%, not leaving any waste behind. We design the sizes of our bags according to the sizes of the materials necessary to make them. We also every order plastic-free and reusable boxes as long as they can hold up.

Happy people, healthy planet!

All our bags are handmade here in Canada by ourselves. Click here to see our workshop. By producing right here in Canada, we can be sure that we are not supporting any sweatshop-like practices, and we also get to keep more dollars in our domestic economy.

We hope we can help you too live more sustainably!