“Oh, but I separate all my trash.”

Many of us are not aware of the complexity that's behind plastic pollution.

We do know it exists, and we trust that the authorities take care of this problem.

Most of us do want to help, and we do so by separating our recycling into different bins, as instructed by the city we live in.

But what happens next?

So it turns out that, every year, Canada generates over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. By the way, nearly half of it is packaging.

From all that, only 9% is recycled. Yes, only 9% is recycled. The remaining 91% goes to landfills, waste-to-energy facilities and to the environment.

So what can we really do about it?

You can start small by just being aware.

Take this week to notice all the plastic that you see and use day to day.

Next, take a look at some things you could change in your routine or lifestyle, so that you see and use a little bit less plastic in the following week.

You will feel good You will feel good by doing good. Trust me.

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