Tree Planting

Tree Planting

One tree planted for every $30. Guaranteed one tree minimum per order.

Valid for all products, on or off sale. The amount considered is the total of the order before taxes and shipping are added. Valid for other currencies as well, in the equivalent converted amount.

Following information:

  • Why planting trees matters.
  • Where are the trees planted?
  • Who plants them?
  • How can I plant more?

Why planting trees matters

Simply put, planting trees is one of the most effective ways to counterbalance air pollution.

Heavy urban air pollution

That’s mainly because trees are really good at photosynthesis. They absorb that nasty carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere, use it to generate energy for themselves and in the process free up oxygen back into the air.

Trees literally clean the air we breathe.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also provide food and shelter for numerous forms of life.

Trunk of tree after being cut down

The issue is that deforestation is still very strong in most of the world, which disables all of the great benefits mentioned above from happening.

Where are the trees planted?

In the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Brazil - Atlantic Forest

We are focusing our reforestation efforts on the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, known locally as Mata Atlântica. This incredibly biodiverse forest has been explored and destroyed by human activity for the last 500 years, and now less than 10% of its original coverage area still stands.

Recently approved policies from the current Brazilian government are bringing down the already-weakened barriers against deforestation. These measures are allowing deforestation to take place even in territories marked as “protected” conservation areas. So any action to counterbalance this horrible reality is more than welcome!

Who plants them?

The trees are planted by a renowned non-profit organization focused on global reforestation called One Tree Planted.

This amazing organization run reforestation projects in various crucial endangered ecosystems around the world, including Brazil's Atlantic Forest. In 2019 alone, they planted more than 4 million trees, and this number is growing every year.

By partnering with a trustworthy organization such as this, we rest assured that the resources directed to planting trees will be used appropriately.

We make donations to One Tree Planted on a monthly basis, combining the quantities of trees earned by our customers' orders. One Tree Planted then issues a certificate to Rather Green for the total quantity of trees planted.

When an eligible order is placed to us, we issue a certificate to our customer containing information on how many trees will be planted based on the amount of the order.

How can I plant more?

The more trees the better! Check out One Tree Planted's website and learn more about their projects.

Another way to plant trees is to use Ecosia for your online searches. Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to organizations that plant trees. Try it out!