Our Story

Hi! We are Brittany and Dante.

We created Rather Green to help people live more sustainably. Rather Green is the result of our life experiences, and we’d love to tell our story!

Brittany was born and raised in Canada, and Dante was born and raised in Brazil. Our paths eventually took us to China, where we met. We spent nearly a decade living in both Northern and Southern China, and also did our fair share of traveling to countries nearby. In Northern China, we got accustomed to checking the air quality daily, which was more than often very poor. We travelled to paradise-like islands in Southeast Asia, and everywhere we went we saw plastic washing up on the beaches. We went to the ancient Borneo Rainforest, the home of the Orangutans, and saw the devastation caused by monoculture plantations of trees for production of palm oil.

When we moved to Canada, we decided to do something to try and improve the way people live.

We realized that a vast majority of Canadians understand that the way they live is impactful to the environment and want to do better, but they don’t because of many reasons, including convenience. Single-use items made of plastic have become intrinsic to the modern lifestyle, because they are always available and basically free.

One type of product that we realized is widely used and generates an enormous amount of pollution is bags. Not only single-use disposable bags, but also multi-use low quality bags made of polyester, which is much thicker.

Talking to our grandparents, we were told that everyone back in the day used to bring their own bags when they went to the store. Many people used to make their own bags at home using repurposed fabrics available, such as old curtains. At some point, we simply got used to just going to the store and not even thinking about the bags, as they are always there available at the checkout counter.

This is completely unnecessary and, to be honest, plastic bags are not good to use. They are extremely limp and thin, they don’t secure items well, break easily and the handles hurt our hands.

So here we saw an opportunity of making bags that people actually would feel good about using. Meaning bags that are sustainable, user-friendly, better looking, and that can be used again and again.

So our challenge was: How to make the most sustainable bags possible?

And here’s how:

  • Natural fibers, like organic cotton, hemp and jute, that cause low impact to the environment.
  • Make them here in Canada, supporting the local economy, adopting ethical production practices and decreasing our carbon footprint.
  • Planting trees with every order, to help restore the vital ecosystems.
  • Durable, so they will last for years.
  • User-friendly and with an appealing design, so people feel motivated to use them. You could make the most useful bag in the world, but if people don’t feel compelled to use them, single-use wins.

Since starting Rather Green in 2019, we’ve been so happy to receive support from across Canada. Customers and businesses see the value of good bags made locally, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the encouragement we’ve had since day one.

We are always finding new gaps where we can fit a new bag design in, and help more and more people decrease their ecological footprint. Stay tuned for new items, and please help spread the word if you can. We’ll be very thankful for your support.



Brittany & Dante – Rather Green.