Our Story

My name is Dante, and I’m the founder of Rather Green.

Founder of small business in Canada.

I grew up in an island in southern Brazil called São Francisco do Sul. This island belongs to a biome called Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest), which is an incredibly biodiverse biome, but that now has only 10% of it left still standing (and pulverized in scattered reserves).

I spent my 20s in Asia, where I met Brittany. The first city we lived in was Zhengzhou, Henan Province, located in northern China (where I met my wife Brittany!). As you probably already know, northern China is known for its air pollution. There, people check the air quality in the morning instead of checking the weather forecast.

Skyline of city with heavy air pollution.

I used to work as an international sourcing agent, helping Brazilian companies do business with Chinese manufacturers, so I did my share of travelling throughout China visiting factories of all sorts. In basically every little village (or big city) I went, I saw polluted rivers and creeks. I also saw small and big farms taking every single square foot of land, leaving nothing available for trees and wildlife to live on.

Polluted creek in China.

We travelled to some other countries whenever we could, and again saw pollution everywhere we went. The most shocking one, for sure, was when we went to Borneo Island and saw endless plantations of palm oil trees. Borneo is home to one of the most ancient forests in the world, where thousands of unique species live. Seeing that magical biome being destroyed for planting one single crop (that's not even from there originally) was devastating.

Two photos taken in Borneo, On the left, native borneo forest. On the right, palm oil tree monoculture.

We later moved to southern Shenzhen (southern China) and Hong Kong, two of the biggest cities of Asia, where we saw the impacts of overpopulation firsthand.

Big city skyline.

In 2018, we relocated to Canada and decided that we should do something about what we had seen, and this is when this beautiful chapter of our lives called Rather Green began.