Our Story

Where we are and what we do

We're based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Every single product in our product line is designed and made by ourselves, from cutting the fabrics to taping the shipping boxes.

We operate under a holistic approach to sustainability, meaning that it includes not only the environmental impact of a product, but also how it affects human wellbeing in its production process. This is the reason why we only use fabrics derived from natural fibers and produce every single bag in Canada.

Who's Behind

I'm Dante, founder and “do-everythinger” of Rather Green. Telling the story of Rather Green is basically telling the story of my life, so here is a brief about it.

I’m originally from southern Brazil, the state of Santa Catarina, located in a biome called Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica).

The "Inspiration" for Rather Green

I spent my 20's in China, where I became an entrepreneur working as an international sourcing agent helping Brazilian companies procure goods manufactured in China. That endeavour took me to dozens of factories all over the country, and in some of them I saw first-hand the impact fast fashion has on people's lives at the bottom of the supply chain.

Fast FashionI took this photo in a garment factory in Henan province, Northern China.

Workers in these facilities live in dormitories that belong to the factory, work very long hours and are unfairly compensated for their labour. Many of the brands we see everyday, regardless of being cheap or expensive, have their designs manufactured in these factories. It's a dirty underground world that is not limited to a few cases, but rather that seems to be the norm for most brands.

Starting Up

In 2018, when my wife and I moved to Canada, I was determined to start a business that could help people live more sustainably.

Bags were the product I saw as ideal for bringing sustainability to people's daily lives. After all, everyone uses bags, and it is also a meaningful way to fight against plastic pollution.

Organic cotton bag

Five Years In

By now we've made thousands of bags in multiple designs. From grocery shopping to everything-totes, always made locally and using natural low-impact textiles. We're proud to have also planted over 6,000 trees so far through our Tree Planting Initiative.

Locally hand-making canvas bags is hard work, but we're happy to be able to express our creativity through our pieces, and to be able to spread sustainability with them.

What the Future Holds

We have so many products in the pipeline to be launched. A few of them are being tested day in and day out, but it's hard as a small business to carry huge amounts of stock constantly, so we pace ourselves.

We plan to expand our production capacity while keeping our quality standard. This will gives us the ability to launch more products and in that way reach more people.

Thanks for checking this page and for your interest in learning about our origin. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.