Made in Our Workshop

Every single one of our products is designed and made in our workshop. From unrolling the fabrics to marking and cutting, all the way through to ironing and sewing, each step of the production process is done in-house.

Sewing machine

Design & Quality

Every product we design starts by anticipating the needs of who will be using it. From there, we reverse-engineer it to achieve a result that combines functionality, style and sustainablity.

One of the reasons why we make all products ourselves is so that we can have full control over quality. We believe that quality hides in the details, so it’s important that our products are made with the proper level of attention and care.

Not only eco. Sustainable.

We believe that a truly sustainable product is one that covers both the  well-being of both the environment and people. So for instance, an eco-friendly product that is made in a sweatshop is not a sustainable product, because it jeopardizes human well-being in the production process. 

Made in Ontario

Low-waste production

We run a low-waste workshop, meaning that all materials are used to their maximum yield and leaving minimum waste behind. We design our products in a way that it consumes the full extent of the materials.

See us at work

We love showing the behind the scenes of our production. We're constantly posting videos directly from the workshop on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok). Follow us if you'd like to see how our bags are made.