Care Instructions - Face Masks

Taking good care of your face masks is the best way to making it last for a long time as well as keeping it clean and safe.

Following information:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Ironing
  • Disposal


Machine wash

We recommend washing your mask by machine with cool or cold temperature, and on the delicate cycle setting.

For the adult size masks, fold and tie the long straps once (separately) to avoid them getting tangled to other items.

Do not add bleach to the wash, as it may degrade the material and some of the colours. Plus, bleach is toxic and harsh to both the environment and your health.


Masks hang drying

The fabrics used to make our masks are NOT pre-shrunk. Cotton shrinks around 10% after the first wash. But do not worry, we design our masks foreseeing this shrinkage. We recommend that you hang your mask to dry. Hang drying is also eco-friendly, as it does not require the electricity the dryer demands.



Cotton wrinkles. And your masks will too!

Ironing will help it get back to that smooth good-looking appearance. But if you don't iron, no sweat! The mask's regular use will ease the material back into its original form.

So set your iron to medium or low heat. Ironing on high heat can slightly burn the surface of the fabric and change its look.


After your mask has done its job, and you feel like it’s time for a new one (hopefully also Rather Green!), we recommend the following actions:

  • Ideally, we recommend that you find another usage for the fabric used to make the main structure of the mask. For example, you can use it in your garden as an in-soil barrier to separate different sections of soil or mulch.
  • There is an infinity of usages for it, and the fabric will eventually be decomposed with the help of bacteria, sunlight and chemical elements around it such as oxygen.
If you would like to include your mask in the waste and disposal program of the area where you live, we recommend you check what is the recommendation for textiles/fabrics, and proceed accordingly.

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