Handmade in Canada

Handmade in Canada

All Rather Green products are handmade in Canada with the help of amazing local small businesses.

Sustainability for us means to live respecting both the natural environment and human well-being. Creating an eco-friendly product by jeopardizing the human well-being is not the way to reach sustainability. Both aspects have to be taken into consideration when developing a sustainable product. Which is why, from day one, we have focused in developing partnerships with local businesses that fight for the same values we believe in. By bringing our bags to reality here in Canada, we are making sure that we do not support any sweatshop practices.

Local business


We get to meet the very people who sew our bags in person, learn their names, and also learn from their vast experience. Their inputs influence directly on our design, and help us constantly improve the quality of our bags.

Another great benefit of producing locally is that we get to keep more dollars in our domestic economy, which is particularly important during these challenging times we are going through. Keeping dollars in Canada means helping the local economic wheel turn, creating more job opportunities, and helping our economy reheat faster towards pre-pandemic levels.

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