Made in Our Workshop

Sustainability = Environmental care + Human well-being

A truly sustainable product goes beyond just being green. An "eco" product made in a sweatshop is not sustainable. A truly sustainable product is one that covers both environmental and human aspects.

For that reason, and in order to run no risk of jeopardizing human wellbeing, all Rather Green products are made by ourselves in our workshop located in Otterville, Ontario.

Our Workshop

Our workshop is a small low-waste sewing studio installed inside a century home. This is where every single unit of bag is designed and sewn.

made in our workshop

Our sewing machines are purchased second-hand in order to reduce our demand for natural resources. These are high quality industrial grade JUKI sewing machines that have been in operation for decades but that still work as good as new.

Made in Canada

We run a low-waste workshop. Every fabric is used to its limit in order to avoid any waste. Fabrics that arrive to us with dirt spots, which sometimes happen due to the shipping process, are cleaned up and used to create items to be sold at a discount.

Pass by that sidewalk in front of the building basically at any time of the day (and night most often!) and you'll see us hard at work cutting some fabrics or packing up orders to be shipped out.


Made in Ontario, Fabrique en Ontario