Made in Canada

Environmental care in balance with human well-being

A truly sustainable product goes beyond just being green. Sustainability also encompasses the human aspect, responsible for bringing a product to life. For instance, a product made of eco-friendly materials but produced in a sweatshop is not a sustainable one, as it harms human well-being in exchange for low-cost production.

Locally Made

Bag being sewn with Rather Green label on.

The challenge lies on how to make sure a textile product can be manufactured 100% free of unhuman practices such as sweatshops. The best way to guarantee a bag is produced sustainably is to either make it ourselves, or to have it made by someone very close to us, who we can trust in both ethics and quality.

We have put together easy-to-digest blog posts that go through the effects of: sweatshops and fast fashion.

Which is why all Rather Green bags are made by ourselves as well as with the help of experienced seamstresses right here in Ontario.

Made in Ontario, Fabrique en Ontario

The seamstresses we work with are specialized in making bags, meaning they have deep knowledge of different types of bag constructions and production techniques.  As each bag is designed for different purposes, every bag is designed in a different way, putting together the best structure and materials for the intended purpose. And this is where their vast experience comes into play to achieve the best possible outcome.

Green by Design

Design process

All bags are designed by ourselves here in Brantford, Ontario.

Every bag starts from the need of replacing a polluting material, such as plastic, in a specific usage situation. A clear example would be designing a reusable bag for a situation in which disposable plastic bags are commonly used.

The challenge is how to make a sustainable alternative more appealing than what is already there. Sustainability alone is often not enough to convince one to change their habits, so then design plays a crucial role in developing something that is not only better in terms of user-friendliness, but also more visually appealing.

Every single bag we develop goes through an extensive process through several adaptations and production of prototypes, fine-tuning every detail until we can settle on the best option that combines the best materials, the best bag construction, and the best look.

This development process is actually not over once the bag is launched, as we often find ourselves tweaking and modifying a few points here in there in our product line.

Local + Local = Local

There are a lot more benefits in producing locally, as well as in purchasing locally for any of our needs. We have put together a quick material recently for our blog and for our social media channels, which goes through the benefits of shopping local: