Product Care - Single Bottle Bag

Care instructions of reusable bag for bottle


This bag is made with an unprocessed undyed canvas, so it will shrink on the first wash. You will also experience some softening of the material. These effects are already accounted for when it is designed.

Please wash it following the steps below:

  1. Empty the bag.

  2. There is no need to turn it inside out.

  3. Machine wash:

    • Cold water: helps to reduce shrinkage and is better for the environment.

    • Delicate cycle.

    • Conventional laundry detergent is OK to use, but a neutral and natural laundry detergent will be gentler to the textile fibers.

    • Do not add:

      • Bleach

      • Fabric softener

      • Stain removers

  1. Hang to dry: Allow the bag to dry in a well-ventilated area free from direct sunlight.

    • Spread bag open in order to allow air to enter.

    • Hang it by its handles using a hook or clip. Do not tie a knot with the handles.

    • Allow it to dry thoroughly, as semi-dry conditions may cause mold.

  2. Iron to reduce wrinkles:

    • Set your iron on medium heat. Ironing on high heat may cause canvas surface to slightly burn.

    • Use steaming function, if available.

      • If not available, spray a small amount of water in the areas about to be ironed.