Loco for LOCAL

Supporting local businesses is important now more than ever.

And here are some reasons why shopping locally is always important:
Local businesses generally source their products and inputs from other local businesses, meaning that you are indirectly supporting more than one local business with every purchase.
Economic chain reaction
Besides supporting these businesses, purchasing locally also helps your local town/city and county retain more tax dollars, allowing them to invest more in local infrastructure and public services.
More jobs, less carbon
Small businesses hire locally, generating jobs in the community itself and reducing pollution caused by long commutes.
Quality and attention to detail
The same way that small businesses care about their customers, they also care about what they make/sell. They do their due diligence and sell what is in line with their beliefs and missions.
Personal touch
Small businesses see customers as people. Often times, even as friends, not as numbers. 
Community unity
A small business owner lives in the same area where their business is located, meaning they have a connection to that place and are involved in the community.
Small shop big heart
Small businesses dedicate a higher share of their revenue to important causes such as social assistance projects and environmental protection initiatives.

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