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Climate change and global warming have finally found a match.
The scientific community is extremely excited about a finding that would be able to not only remove carbon from the air, but also return it to the natural cycle.
They are calling it “TREE”.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?
You've probably already heard that trees “clean the air”.
But do you know HOW they do it?

Tree leaves

The trees’ leaves contain green pigments, called chlorophyll. Its job is to absorb light. Then from this light, energy is absorbed. Leaves also have tiny little pores on its surface, called stomata. These pores trap CO2 in.

Soil with water

The next ingredient is WATER, which the tree mostly absorbs from the soil, with the help of its roots.

So now we have:
- CO2 – from the air
- ENERGY – from sunlight
- WATER – from soil

What happens next is the coolest thing:
Using the energy, plants are able to separate the C (carbon) from CO2, and combine it with water to create sugar. That's right! SUGAR!
This sugar, which is basically carbohydrate, is used to feed the plant itself and boost its growth.

Tree trunk

Now, what about the C which was separated from CO2? 
So, we are now left with O2, which means two atoms of OXYGEN. There’s no use for it, so the plant expels the oxygen back to the air through those stomata pores.

Bonsai tree

That's why it's said that trees “clean the air”.
In order to grow, trees need the carbon that is floating in the air.And they're really good at capturing that carbon.

You see… The solutions we need to save and restore our planet's incredible natural environment are already here. All we need to do is apply them.

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