Custom Print Info Package


Custom printed bag made in Canada

Add a custom print to Rather Green bags and make them unique to your brand!

Click here to see references of custom-print projects we’ve worked on.

It only takes a few steps:

  1. Choose bag(s) to be printed;
  2. Provide print artwork (design, colour).
  3. Define positioning of artwork on bag. We assist in this step by providing computer simulations showing how your artwork would look like on the chosen bag(s).
  4. We’ll take it from here!

This is the information you’ll need to know in order to plan your custom print project:

  1. Print Costs
Printing costs are calculated based on:
    1. The number of colours in a print; and
    2. The total quantity of print hits*.

*A print hit means one time of print application. For example, if a bag is to have prints on both sides, it needs two print hits. 

Custom printing
  1. Bags minimum order quantities

These are the bags that can be printed on, and their respective minimum order quantities:

Add your logo
    1. Print Details:
      1. Maximum print size per hit: 11”x11"
      2. Colours available: Any PANTONE colour.
      3. Artwork must be provided in EPS format file.
    2. Other Relevant Information
      1. All bags will have the Rather Green label attached to them, which contains our logo, care instructions and “Made in Canada” information.
      2. Lead time: 30 to 45 days from final decisions on design/artwork details. Prints are added to the fabric before the bag is made, so we need time to print and then make the bags.
      3. Commercial information: refer to Wholesale Info Package.