Refiller's Bag


If you're a refiller, you carry jars back and forth. This is a bag designed for you!

  • Independent internal dividers: Do you use jars of all sorts of shapes and sizes? No problem! Dividers that are independent from one another allow for the inside of the bag to be configured according to the quantity and sizes of jars you're carrying.

  • Keep jars in place: The handles are attached to the four sides of the bag, providing support to the jars by applying pressure from all angles, pushing them together and keeping them in place. So no clinking.

  • Secured jars: No clinking. Always have a layer of fabric between the jars, so they don't clink and stay protected.

  • Easy to use: Sturdy canvas and boxy construction with stitched corners provide structure and keep the bag in shape.

🌱 Made from natural fibers.

🍁 Made in Canada by Rather Green.

🌳 By purchasing this bag you plant 1.07 trees! (based full non-sale price)

💧 View care instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nic R. (Canada)
Incredible Bag

I absolutely love this bag. The design is brilliant and the quality is unmatched.

Donna Duplin (Canada)
Makes my heart happy

I love bringing my jars and containers to the Bulk Barn and our local refill store, but the grocery bags I had weren’t doing the job. Until I found this bag, my containers were clunking around and I was afraid of breakage and spilling my purchases. This bag is durable, sturdy and makes my eco-loving heart happy. Worth the purchase!